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With security comes great responsibility to handle as well, and here at Mystic PvP, we aim to take our security to the highest standard. Due to this, we've got many internal policies to follow in regards to this, and today we'll be issuing advice on how to report an incident, going on the assumption that you'd like to remain anonymous in doing so. Do note though that whilst you may prefer anonymity, we'll always respect the confidentiality of the user who decides to approach a member of the Systems Team in regards to a potential or known exploit in the security of our systems and services.

As of the 4th of February 2018, all members of the Systems Team hold a Keybase.io account. This service is used to verify ownerships of services, as well as being an extremely reliable platform for cryptography and sharing messages of a sensitive nature, due to Keybase's implementation of PGP (this is an acronym for pretty good privacy) - all messages are also hashed using SHA256.

Please find below all current members of the Systems Team, with their Keybase.io username in brackets.

Mystic PvP Owner & Systems Team | Themindshaper/Lew (themindshaper)
Lead Systems Team & Backend Developer | Nightmaree (nightmaree)

To make your report, head over to keybase.io/encrypt

You then need to choose who you'll be sending your report to out of the list above. It's recommended to send to one specific person, so they can dedicate themselves to that case. In the event that details of the report need to be shared, they will be disclosed with other members of the Systems Team only if absolutely necessary. If you've provided contact information or have chosen not to stay anonymous (either by signing the message on Keybase with an account you've created) then we'll attempt to follow up the report with you once we've handled it. Specific details of the patches we put into place will not be shared for obvious reasons.

Only the individual...
INFO Now accepting staff
Aug 6, 2017

As bugs get squashed and time flies by, we over at Mystic PvP feel we should hire some staff members, this will be to help us advertise the server, gain new players and become an active part of the community.


Being a staff member has active and continuous benefits.

Extra perms - Ban, fly, rename, etc.
Having a greater say in the server
Be the first to test new updates
Clean staff tag on forums and in-game

But before you apply, please be aware that there are requirements which are written up here.

If you meet all those requirements then please apply. Remember detail is very important, the more the better, but only relevant information.

Apply Here
INFO Our Discord server
Apr 22, 2017

Hey there guys!

If you haven't already guessed, we have our own Discord server for the community. It's not much right now, but as we expand we hope to see it grow in player count. You can join by hitting the button below - go and introduce yourself! We'd love to see you there. It's also one of the first ways we communicate about issues, so it's strongly recommended to go and join there.

For those who don't know what Discord is, think of it like Skype but much easier to use, on top of better voice quality, unlimited servers and so much more.

I hope to see you all there! You can click here to join.
INFO New Server IP
Apr 16, 2017

We have successfully converted and moved the server over to a new system, this allows us more control over the backend of the server, this also helps up expand in the future easily if needed. The old ip will no longer work so be sure to use the new one listed below

new ip - play.mysticpvp.net

INFO The Staff Team
Mar 29, 2017

Meet the staff team!

If you're new to the community, you may not know who the staff team are or who is on the staff team until you see that staff member in-game. This thread's purpose is to introduce you to every staff member we have on the team! This thread is going to be updated regularly so all the people you see here are part of the staff team as of the 29th of March, 2017. With that being said, let's begin!

Themindshaper (@Lew)

Themindshaper, probably better known as Lewis or Lew is one of the owners here at Mystic PvP. He works alongside Hollie to ensure the server is running fine! Lew is also part of the Systems Team, meaning he also has access to some frontend services as Lew is also a frontend developer and continually updates site features.

Nightmaree (@Nightmaree)

Oh wait, that's me! I'm Sam. I'm one of the backend developers here at Mystic PvP and I'm also part of the Systems Team, which pretty much means I work on everything to do with the services that Mystic PvP uses, taking into account security, reliability and all of that jazz. I work closely with Lewis to ensure that bugs on my end are quickly resolved with as little downtime as possible. I also hold an Admin position here, so expect to be seeing me in-game too!

Holliexox (@Holliexox)

Hollie is one of the owners who works alongside Lew. Whilst Lew is busy dealing with the serverside stuff, someone has to manage the staff, right? That's where Hollie comes in! Hollie handles any staff related issue whether it be recruitment or simply a dispute between two staff members. Any problems with staff members should be forwarded on to her to handle!

Want to know more about a staff member? Feel free to open a conversation with them, I'm sure they'd be happy to answer any questions you might have!​
INFO Welcome to Mystic PvP
Mar 29, 2017

Welcome to the official forums for the Mystic PvP server. This is a new website we have been making, so there may be bugs, if you find any please be sure to report them to us, either with the contact button at the bottom of the page or on the forums.

The server is now open and available to beta test. Currently we have a PvP arena, plots, auctions, trading system, balanced shop economy and more to come in the future.

In other news we also have got a server lore written.

----- Server Lore -----
In a world previously untouched by mankind, where deserts spread for miles and breathtaking jungles touch the skyline, a storm is brewing. There is movement in the murky depths of the ocean and some dark magic has been cast over the realm, sending its creatures into hiding. Can you fend off your foes and restore the world to its former glory?

Pick from a variety of unique kits and cut down your enemies in a quest to save this new world from disaster. Could you be the one to overcome the odds and stand above the rest in Mystic PvP's Kit PvP? Find out today by joining play.mysticpvp.net



Struggling with connection issues? Read on!

There's a lot of reasons why you might be struggling to connect to MysticPvP servers. It could be a planned maintenance on our end, a problem with Mojang's multiplayer servers or it could just be you! First things first, you should take a look at this site. It's designed to show the status of all Minecraft services. If the "Session" circle isn't green, that means there's currently a problem with multiplayer servers that's restricting you from playing. However, if it is green, carry on!

If the server isn't showing as online for you, this means one of three things: the server is currently down, you've been added to the server's firewall or there's something on your end that's stopping the connection. The server could be down for a variety of reasons, either for maintenance, a restart of the dedicated server or just a quick restart of the server itself. These sorts of things tend to be announced prior to them happening unless it's a fault, in which case either myself or Lew will try to post a thread as soon as possible explaining what's going on.

Manual firewall additions can happen, and they tend to be enforced on IP's which try to spam or overload the dedicated server with information however, for security reasons, I can't discuss what actions specifically will trigger this to happen. Firewall problems need a developer with access to the dedicated server to resolve (you can see who has what in another thread, which will list staff members and the roles they have) as no one other than those people can sort a firewall problem out. We also have a firewall at the hardware level that is beyond our control. If you've been firewalled at the hardware level, then we can't do anything about it apart from wait. Those firewall additions tend to not be permanent in most cases.

Not firewalled and no server issues on Mojang end? That pretty much...

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